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Four Benefits Of Using Figma UI Kits For User Interface

Benefits of Figma UI kits

There are many folks out there who are skeptical about the Figma UI kit. But I must tell you; there’s more to know. Figma is one of the best tools similar to Sketch, but different in ways. It works on any platform and also provides real-time collaboration. As we said earlier in our blog post, the design system is evolving.

As a result, we need to get a design system that allows users to work anywhere from their browsers. This way, Figma UI kits work like magic. It is known as a design system and prototyping tool that can be integrated or used in creating websites, apps, and other user interfaces. With Figma, you can create scalable shapes.

Not only that, but files saved on Figma can also contain bitmap images. But why are people switching from Sketch to Figma? We all love to see a product design with the best workflow. Figma is built for this process, and because it comes with unique power and features, the benefits of using it cannot be overemphasized.

There are many UI design templates. To help you understand the concept better, you need to know what the UI style guide contains. For instance, the essential UI components, the design instructions such as the spacing, positioning instructions, and many others, to mention a few, are something to consider.

This article explains some benefits of using Figma UI kits for the user interface. Aside from that, you get to know how designers can use Figma UI kits. This way, you can say goodbye to frustration during the designing handoff. Are you ready to check what we have for you? Read on now!

Benefits of Using Figma UI Kits for User Interface

Since we live in a fast-growing world where anything can happen in the blink of an eye, you need to know how to design your apps or website perfectly. If you’re a developer or designer, I’m sure you don’t want to miss something new! This is why you need to know the UI kits benefits.

1. Real-time Collaboration and Easy Handoff

The joy of every designer or developer is to edit or make changes to any design regardless of their location. This is one thing that differentiates Figma UI kits from other design templates. Unlike other tools like Sketch, and Adobe XD, the stakeholders, developers, and other team members can see what is happening in LIVE mode.

Again, Figma has its own inspection tool that allows you to present codes for iOS and Android. The design system is good, and designers can make changes at a granular level while other designer sees the changes across all library. This means using this design tool ensures a consistent user experience.

2. Free and Easy To Learn

Don’t get it twisted! Figma is free, yes, and you heard that right. However, they only charge when there are more than two editors in a project. So, it’s as easy as it sounds. Just go to your browser, sign up, and begin doing wonders with this powerful tool. Besides, Figma is easy to learn, unlike other design systems.

Sketch, Adobe XD, and Figma are the best UI kits in today’s modern world, and they all have advantages and disadvantages. But everyone who reads this will know that Figma has its unique features. It is really easy to learn, and trust me, check this platform often as we explain the step-by-step guides.

3. Community Involvement

I’m sure the community involvement might look like a surprise to you. Worry less; I mean that with Figma, you can access different information from the community channel. They have a great community of developers and designers, thereby making your research easier and straightforward.

In fact, you can grab what you need in the community section and copy it to your design. All you need to make it different is to change the color and size if needed. Some of the files you can see include; iOS 14 design templates, Google material design, Android UI kits, different types of mockups, and more.

4. Excellent Prototyping and Browser-Based Interface

It’s no doubt that Figma has one of the best browser-based interfaces with excellent prototyping. With the fast learning curve, and the provision of a large number of functionalities, this design tool is second to none. You can expect good move-in and out animations, as well as intelligent animation properties.

Since the prototype is relatively easy to use, you can get more hands-on by presenting your design well. And when we say it has a good browser-based interface, we mean that you only need your internet and a decent browser to get the best design you want. However, you might need to download Figma font helper if you choose to use the local font, but for the desktop version, you can easily access your fonts.

The Power of Figma in the Modern World

You can spot the differences between Sketch and Figma with the functionalities. Besides, you can use Figma on any operating system. In many organizations, designers use the best devices to implement their design process. And we can tell you that Figma’s universal nature prevents the annoyance of slow-back because it works with nearly different systems.

Another thing to note is the Figma sharing which is flexible and uncomplicated. From file sharing to pages and frames, you can share exactly what is needed in bug-tracking tools. Aside from the ones mentioned earlier, Figma allows you to share live embed code snippets and paste them into any third-party tools. In addition, when a change is made on Figma, you can see it in the embedded Confluence mockup.


There’s more to know when designing your website or app with Figma. You can easily swap between components without copy-pasting anything on this design system. It has a lot of UI design templates, and it is easy to learn how to use this tool. So, why wait? Check the UI design templates now and start your design.

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