Faster and more efficient workflow with the popular Gulp toolkit.

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Gulp is an open source cross-platform task runner tool that give developers the freedom to automate many tasks. Gulp manages tasks like bundling and minifying scripts and style sheets, compiling less or sass to css styles, deploying files to servers, image compressing, etc.


  1. You need Node.js and Gulp installed on your machine, If you already have them installed skip to step 2.
  2. Run npm install --global gulp-cli command. If you already have Gulp CLI installed, skip this step.
  3. Navigate to the root directory and run npm install or to install the local dependencies listed in package.json.
  4. Run gulp command.

Useful Commands

gulp dist command compiles and copies all files from ./src/* folder into ./dist/* folder and prepares production files. Basically, it copies whole complied assets into ./dist/* folder with minified theme css/js files. Under the hood it performs the following processes:

gulp build command prepares performance ready fully production files of your project into ./build/* folder by automatically detecting all used asset sources from HTML pages. Under the hood it performs the following processes: