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Sketch Redesign

Hello 👋 I’m Omar J, Founder and Lead Designer at Fabrx Design. This is my 4 day challenge to refresh Sketch GUI.

Sketch Redesign

—— The main goal was to further improve Sketch user interface for a non-obstructive workflow while maintaining familiarity.

Sketch Redesign
Sketch Redesign
Sketch Redesign

—— Starting with a new welcome screen that includes help docs, community assets, and useful shortcuts.

Sketch Redesign

Revamped icons

Sketch Redesign
Sketch Redesign

🙏  Thanks to Csaba Kissi for the awesome free icon set

—— A clear and modern GUI for the Sketch we know and love.

Sketch Redesign

—— Last couple of hours I had to include a dark mode and this presentation 🤘

Sketch Redesign

🙌🏻 Thank you

Feel free to improve on the UI and drop us a line at [email protected] to be included!

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